Non ChexSystems Banks & Credit Unions in Arkansas

Free (Second Chance) Checking Account at BBVA Compass is Available in Arkansas!

Listed in ChexSystems or have bad credit? BBVA Compass approves customers in ChexSystems for their ClearConnect Free Checking Account.

Account Benefits
Free Checking

There is no monthly service charge plus you can enjoy online and mobile banking, free bill pay and unlimited check writing.

Not a ChexSystems Bank

Unlike most other banks and credit unions, BBVA does not run ChexSystems for customer verification.

Visa Debit Card included

Use your BBVA Compass Visa® Debit Card fee-free at any BBVA Compass and Allpoint ATM's.

Bad Credit? No Problem

Even if you have a poor credit history, BBVA will approve you for a Second Chance Checking account with the same great features for a low monthly fee.

Right now, a guaranteed bank account at BBVA is the only trusted option for customers listed in ChexSystems or looking for a Second Chance Checking account. With a high approval rate and excellent features and conditions, this is a fantastic opportunity to rebuild your credit.

Local Banking Options

Following is the web’s most comprehensive list of banks and credit unions in Arkansas which do not use ChexSystems and which may approve you for a bank account.

Please note that any unsuccessful attempt to open an account may have a negative impact on your credit history and score.

To avoid this, please check if our proven, guaranteed approval solution is available in your area (listed above).

This list also contains email responses from banks as well as applicants’ personal experiences and comments. This page is updated regularly, so please consider adding it to your bookmarks.

Name of Bank Liberty Bank of Arkansas
Form of VerificationChexSystems
Special Notes

Liberty Bank of Arkansas has designed a checking account just for individuals who have had banking challenges in the past and who are working to establish a stronger financial reputation.

Account Features:

  • Unlimited check writing
  • Free ATM/debit card*
  • Free Internet banking and free bill pay services
  • No minimum balance requirement

Low service charge:

  • $9.95 monthly
  • $7.95 with direct deposit

many have been able to get this account.

Types of Accounts OfferedSecond chance checking
Name of Bank Renasant Bank
Special Notes

This bank is not located in this state but many have went to nearby states to get an account.

Email from Bank

Thank you for your inquiry. If you have no outstanding balance at Renasant Bank, you can open an account.

Types of Accounts OfferedPersonal checking, savings and business accounts
Name of Bank U.S. Bank
Special Notes


Membership Information

It has been reported that if your report is 21/2 yrs or older, they will not even see it. If this is your situation you can apply online, if not, you would need to visit an “in store” branch.

Most US banks “in store” branches are giving accounts to most people on ChexSystems. These are regular accounts, not 2nd chance long as you do NOT owe US Bank money and you are not reported on your ChexSystems report for any kind of "fraudulent activity".

There are some branches that are still not using this policy so it might be a good idea to call a branch local to you and ask about their policy first before going in.

Some “in store” branches have signs that actually says “ChexSystems? no problem!”… yet others will not open accounts at all. People are approved everyday.

Some branches do offer 2nd chance checking and some have been able to open business accounts when all debt to reporting bank(s) are paid and fraud is not indicated.

Types of Accounts OfferedPersonal checking, savings and business accounts
Name of Bank First National Banking Company
Form of VerificationChexSystems
Special Notes

For best results the debt to the reporting bank(s) must be paid and the report should not indicate fraud.

Email from Bank

Hello, hope you’re doing well today. Yes, we do run ChexSystems on all customers new to our bank. If there are any unpaid closures on ChexSystems when we are opening a new account, those unpaid closures at the other bank have to be paid off before we can open any new accounts at FNBC.

Types of Accounts OfferedPersonal checking, savings and business checking

Ash Flat Office (Main Office)
636 Ash Flat Drive
Ash Flat, AR 72513

Cherokee Village Office
10 Santee Drive
Cherokee Village, AR 72525

Hardy Office
201 E. Main Street
Hardy, AR 72542

Melbourne Office
1001 W. Main Street
Melbourne, AR 72556

Salem Office
233 Main Street
Salem, AR 72576

Ash Flat Wal-Mart
219 Highway 62/412
Ash Flat, AR 72513

Mammoth Spring Office
358 Hwy 63 South
Mammoth Spring, AR. 72554

Highland Office
1476 Hwy 62/412
Highland, AR. 72542

Horseshoe Bend Office
901 S. Bend Drive
Horseshoe Bend, AR. 72512

Batesville Office
1388 Harrison Street
Batesville, AR. 72501

Mountain Home Office
102 Hwy 62 East
Mountain Home, AR. 72653

Name of Bank Southern Bancorp
Form of VerificationID and social security card
Special Notes

Do you utilize ChexSystems at all by chance? No, we do not.

Membership Information

Hi! I was able to open an account at Southern Bancorp yesterday.

Thank you so much for the information! The lady who opened our accounts was so nice and helpful and they only asked for id and social security card. I am hopeful that these accounts will help us get back on the right track. It was nice to be treated like human beings again. We plan to never write a check again in our lives, but I am amazed at how difficult and expensive it is to simply pay bills without a bank account.

Thank you again so very much!

Email from Bank

I called and verified that they do not use ChexSystems or any type of credit report.. they only need a valid ID and social security card.

Types of Accounts OfferedPersonal checking, savings and business checking

Arkadelphia, Barton, Bismarck, Elaine, Helena-West Helena, Hot Springs, Malvern, Marvell.

Name of Bank Bank of Arkansas
Form of VerificationChexSystems
Special Notes
  • $ 15.00 A MONTH CHARGE
  • $ 50.00 TO OPEN
Types of Accounts OfferedSecond chance checking


Fayetteville: (479) 973-2626
Rogers: (479) 621-8000
Outside These Areas: (800) 888-4579

3500 N. College
Fayetteville, AR 72703

1303 S.E. Walton Blvd.
Bentonville, AR 72712

Name of Bank First Service Bank
Form of VerificationValid ID or passport and local address
Special Notes

Note from person that got an account:

The new accounts manager told me that they don't run you through any system to start an account. I filled out one piece of paper signed on three dotted lines and voila' I have a new checking account. I questioned her about ChexSystems and TeleCheck and she told me that they have never used them nor do they run a credit check. Fresh start they base their opinion of you on what you show them not on any third party system.

Email from Bank

I called and verified they do not use ChexSystems or any type of credit report.

Types of Accounts OfferedPersonal checking, savings and business checking

486 Highway 65 North
P.O. Box 1589
Clinton AR 72031

Harvest Foods
129 Bone Street
Clinton AR 72031

114 E. Peddicord St.
P.O. Box 800
Dermott AR 71638

311 N First St.
Flippin AR 72634

134 Broadview
P.O. Box 430
Greenbrier AR 72058

500 Highway 65 North
P.O. Box 858
Marshall AR 72650

410 Sylamore Avenue
Mountain View AR 72560

9667 Hwy.16 E, Suite 4
Shirley AR 72153

425 Hwy 62/412 East
Yellville AR 72687

Name of Bank Hope Community Credit Union
Form of VerificationChexSystems
Special Notes

They do use ChexSystems but you can still get an account once you become a member. They do offer an account called Easy Checking for those reported to ChexSystems and those with a credit score of less than 600.

$9.95 a month if the balance of 200.00 is not maintained.

FREE if balance of $200.00 is maintained.

Membership Information

See web site for membership information.. you MUST be local to get an account.

Types of Accounts OfferedSecond chance checking (paperless checking)

4000 Gray Street
Suite B
College Station, AR 72053

1114 Missouri Street
West Memphis, AR 72301

Name of Bank Allied Bank
Form of VerificationChexSystems
Special Notes

It has been reported that if you apply in person with proper ID, they will not run a ChexSystems or credit report.

Email from Bank

Depends on how you are applying as to whether a credit report is ordered or not. And it also depends on if you pass initial id checks.

Types of Accounts OfferedPersonal checking, savings and business checking

311 Main Street
P.O. Drawer A
Mulberry, AR 72947

115 Highway 71 North
Alma, AR 72921

1022 W. Capitol Ave.
Little Rock, AR 72201

112 Pointer Trail West
Van Buren, AR 72956

5701 Kavanaugh Blvd
Little Rock, AR 72201

111 North 2nd St.
Ozark, AR 72949

101 South Sebascott
P.O. Box 387
Mansfield, AR 72944

Name of Bank Diamond Bank
Form of VerificationChexSystems
Special Notes

They do offer second chance checking and there is a $10.00 a month service charge.

A checking account for people who are trying to start over after past mistakes.

  • Minimum opening deposit only $100.00
  • No minimum monthly balance requirement
  • Unlimited check-writing
  • Free ATM/Mastercard debit card
  • Free internet banking
  • Free bill pay for up to 15 items
  • Monthly service charge $10, $8 with direct deposit.
Types of Accounts OfferedSecond chance checking

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